Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 5:01am

Clean Life Corps is asking you to cast your vote for their team in the People's Choice Awards for the 2013 Dell Social Innovation Challenge. The team of social innovators from RIT is competing for cash prizes to put its social innovation project into action-to provide sanitation at a cost that 7 billion people in the world can afford.

Clean Life Corps team members include founder Trevor Thunell, fifth-year mechanical engineering technology major; Alyssa Smith, fourth-year biomedical science and Fellow of RIT's Albert J. Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and co-founder Andrew Sapienza, 2011 St. John Fisher College graduate (international studies).

Currently, Clean Life Corps has more than 120 votes on the Dell home page at To cast your People's Choice Awards vote, go to, and then follow the instructions.

The mission of Clean Life Corps is to develop the basic infrastructure and toilet supplies required to effectively manage 400 customers (families of five) in the Commune of Borgne in Haiti. Within 12 months, the Clean Life Corps system is projected to reach the point of sustainability, directly impacting around 400 families, or roughly 2,000 people. It is anticipated that the population of Borgne (80,000 people) will have access to sanitation within five years.

The People's Choice Awards for voting closes on May 13. For RIT teams interested in entering the 2013 Dell Social Innovation Challenge, the deadline is Jan. 28.

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