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Breakdown of Grad School Applications

The Application Itself

The Saunders grad school application is designed to be convenient for our applicants. You can apply for up to three programs at once and save your progress to come back at any time. RIT students and alums can use their current RIT credentials to login to the online application.

What You’ll Need

Each graduate program has its own application requirements, you can find these along with program codes on the degree specific admissions requirements page, simply view your graduate programs of interest.

Possible Documents (Check Your Program):

You can start now and finish later! If you’re not ready to complete a portion of the application, skip past that part and press submit. We will automatically send you an individualized application checklist to help you keep track and save your progress.

Find document formatting directions, essay topics, and required test scores.


Students can submit an online application up to one year before their intended program start date. Saunders employs rolling admissions, so you can apply at any time. For full consideration of potential scholarships, it is recommended that completed graduate applications be submitted by:

  • August 1st – Fall Semester
  • January 1st – Spring Semester
  • May 1st – Summer Semester

Financial aid and scholarships are determined based off of order applications are received in. Earlier applications are considered for financial aid first.

Check your program’s start date and duration via the MS Degree Comparison Chart and MBA Degree Comparison Chart.

Here is our recommendation for your application timeline.

Admissions Decisions

Once your application is completed, you will receive a quick admissions decision that includes information about scholarships!

Get Help

If you have questions about the application or admissions process, contact a graduate representative for further assistance, or simply email us at gradbus@saunders.rit.edu.


Online Resources:

For more information on anything above, feel free to visit these webpages!

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