Supply Chain Management that Handles the Logistics

Why Supply Chain Management at RIT?

Saunders College of Business has developed an applied and interdisciplinary supply chain management (SCM) program. In SCM, students take select elective courses from Saunders or Kate Gleason College of Engineering to focus their studies on a specific area of expertise.

Congratulations Excellence in Student Life Recipients

The Excellence in Student Life Award was founded in 1964 to honor students who represent the guiding principles of Engagement, Scholarship, and Leadership. The award exists to foster and encourage students to aspire to the goals of engagement in activities, excellence in scholarship, and the practice of responsible leadership. 

For over 50 years, students have been selected for this honor based on having outstanding GPA's and holding significant leadership positions within RIT related activities.

Here to Connect You

A Community That's There for You

At Saunders College of Business, each student has a dedicated team of faculty that is there to support them. This includes an academic advisor as well as a financial aid liaison, a business librarian and a career services counselor. The team is there to help connect students to the right people and resources that they need to be successful at RIT.  

Marketing That’s Ahead of the Curve

Not all math is complex

Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology knows that the equation for greatness is the product of business and technology integrated into marketing. That’s why Saunders takes advantage of the resources of a leading tech school with unprecedented drive to create and think strategically.