Where Computing and Business Intersect: MIS

The worlds of business and technology are increasingly one in the same. A fact that is made that much more critical by the rapid pace with which technology is evolving. This is the world that university graduates step into nowadays. Out of them, the former students who are best able to work with the latest tech, as well as articulate its usefulness in a business context will be best positioned to succeed.

MIS: The Intersection of Business and Computing

Like many others, the world of business has become increasingly more interwoven with technology. As the pace of technological change continues to accelerate, individuals with the ability to keep up with such innovation become that much more in demand. Collectively, both trends have presented an opportunity for those capable of both working with new technology and communicating its utility to others.

Analyze the Markets and Manage Funds with FMA

At RIT there is an outlet for nearly every interest. Those who wish to become more familiar with the world of finance for instance, may very well be inclined to check out the Financial Management Association (FMA). The FMA is a student-run club that aims to promote financial literacy among students, as well as provide several opportunities for them to explore and simulate real-life finance.

Saunders College Traveling Tigers: Exploring Career Opportunities

As a part of Saunders College’s efforts to prepare students for today’s business world, we’ve strived to provide several outlets where there is the chance to learn first-hand what is relevant to top enterprises. One such program is Traveling Tigers: regularly scheduled visits to such companies where students will have the opportunity to meet with local business professionals, tour their facilities and network over lunch.

Saunders College Ranked Among Top Business Schools

Saunders College of Business was recently recognized by The Princeton Review as one of the top business schools in the country. In the publications yearly effort to create an unranked list of the top business colleges, Saunders College received acknowledgment in the 2017 iteration featuring 294 schools.