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International Business Opens Doors

Business Across Borders

Saunders College of Business knows better than most- we now live in a global world. This is a reality that businesses across the globe can no longer deny. As an international business student at Rochester Institute of Technology, our four global campuses and study abroad programs allow you to gain the skills needed to facilitate international business relationships around the world.  

International Consulting in Johannesburg, South Africa

Each year, Saunders College of Business Executive MBA students participate in an eight to ten day international seminar overseas. Each cohort travels to a new destination to explore the international business climate.

Students experience culture and tour various companies - typically businesses who epitomize the business climate or conditions of that specific country.

Programs at RIT China's BJTU Campus Perform Well

The first joint program established between Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) and RIT was the 2+2 degree program. “For Chinese students ‘2+2’ means studying two years in their home country and then coming over here,” said Dr. John Tu, Saunders’ Senior Associate Dean and liaison between the schools.