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Here to Connect You

A Community That's There for You

At Saunders College of Business, each student has a dedicated team of faculty that is there to support them. This includes an academic advisor as well as a financial aid liaison, a business librarian and a career services counselor. The team is there to help connect students to the right people and resources that they need to be successful at RIT.  

Saunders Announces Power Your Potential Corporate Sponsor

Bergmann will be the First Power Your Potential Corporate Sponsor 

Saunders College of Business is excited to announce Bergmann as the exclusive corporate sponsor of the Power Your Potential Women’s Leadership Conference on Friday, March 22. Power Your Potential has become a popular Rochester event celebrating National Women’s Month since its inception in 2010.

Saunders Dean’s Advisory Council Member Reaches 250th Patent

Santokh S. Badesha, member of the Saunders College of Business Dean’s Advisory Council at Rochester Institute of Technology, has just attained his 250th patent. As a Fellow and Manager of Open Innovation at Xerox, his degree in organic chemistry lends itself to the development of breakthrough inventions. His milestone patent is for a strong, withstanding epoxy film used to attach print head parts.

REDCOM donates advanced telephony equipment to RIT's Telecommunications System Lab

REDCOM, a long-time partner of the telecommunications engineering technology program at Rochester Institute of Technology, recently donated its call control software, Sigma Core, to the university to provide students access to the latest technology being used for digital and IP-enabled telecommunications networks. The software and equipment was installed in the REDCOM Advanced Telecommunications System Laboratory, located in RIT's College of Applied Science and Technology.

Sparking Interest in Accounting for Success

Many high school students would benefit from real-world and timely access to college-career exploration programs, like the College, Accounting and You (CAY) spearheaded by the Office for Diversity and Inclusion, Saunders College of Business, and the long-standing investment and partnership of Rochester’s PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) branch.