Undergraduate Orientation

New Student Orientation is a series of events, activities, and opportunities developed to assist you in your transition to life at RIT. Follow the links to learn what you need to get started at RIT.

For campus-wide orientation activities, please visit the main RIT Orientation page. Please see below for orientation resources dedicated to business students at Saunders.


Academic Integrity
Please be sure to read and understand RIT’s Academic Integrity policy.

Saunders Academic Day Slides/Presentations (8/19/2021)

Undergraduate Advising: Student and Advisor Perspectives for Your First Year and Beyond
An inside look at RIT's advising network of support.

University Advising Office
Advisors frequently refer students to the following RIT resources for additional support or information. These student support resources include academic support, advising support, advising offices, campus life, career guidance and major choice and so much more!

MyCourses allows instructors and students to interact while accessing course materials online.

Zoom is a video conferencing tool available for RIT faculty, staff, adjuncts, and students.

Study Abroad

Meet your Library Liaison
Every college within RIT has a dedicated college librarian who is available to help students with research endeavors. Jennifer Freer is a reference librarian specializing in business information and serves as the liaison to students, faculty and staff at Saunders College of Business.

Please note, students may need their RIT log in to access any student resources and recordings.