Current City/State: 
Boston, MA
Hometown City/State: 
Dansville, NY
Alum / Grad dates: 
'20 (international business and finance)

Memorable moments from the Leadership Academy

"When we were first starting the mentorship program, some of my fondest memories include being huddled in Molly's office with Molly and Juan Carlos (another student who helped build the program) because he would always bring random food. He brought pizza, garlic bread, cheesecake, anything really. It was always fun talking about what we wanted to do with the program while eating delicious food. Some of my most memorable moments however weren't simply at a point in time, but rather many little moments put together. It was hearing from mentees how their mentor eased their stress about the career fair or choosing the right professors for the next semester. It was going to Midnight Oil and seeing mentee/mentor pairs chatting and enjoying themselves. It was hearing that there were over 100 people interested in the Leadership Academy just a couple of years after Molly, Jacob, Juan Carlos, and I had begun building the Management Mentorship Program. But most of all, my favorite memory was the case competition we ran with Ty, Rhyse, Jacob and I. We gave teams from across RIT case studies and related, open-ended questions then judged their responses and presentations. The most creative presentation included cats, gifs, and gifs of cats. It was amazing."

Leadership Academy @ Saunders Spotlights

Kate Ferguson

Liberty Mutual Insurance
Associate Data Analyst