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Current City/State: 
Rush, NY
Alum / Grad dates: 
  • Participate in a panel discussion in class
  • Advise/mentor students
  • Observe and judge student presentations
  • Speak to classes
  • Work on a speaker’s event
  • Conduct mock interviews with students
  • Assist with Strategic Planning for the College

Years of Employment: Since 2012

Experience at St. John’s: I have served St. John’s in several capacities. Starting in 2002, I was elected to the Meadows board of directors and later also became a board member for St. John’s Senior Services. In 2007, when St. John’s began looking at the property adjacent to St. John's Meadows, I resigned from the board of directors and was hired as a consultant to be the project manager for Brickstone. In 2008, I was also asked to oversee the design and construction of St. John’s Penfield Green House homes. In 2012, I joined St. John’s as an employee, with responsibilities for strategic programs across St. John’s. With the project complete at Brickstone, I assumed corporate-wide responsibility for Strategic Planning, Compliance, Risk Management, and Policies & Procedures, in addition to managing large projects for St. John’s.

Past work experience: I began my career as a systems engineer working on space-based imaging systems for Eastman Kodak Company. Promotions included project management, operations group leader, and business manager. As a business segment vice president at Kodak, I was responsible for $60M in revenue and led an organization of 300 people. In 2001, I left Kodak to begin a career as an executive management consultant, assisting not-for-profit organizations in strategic planning, process improvement, project management and general business management.

Clarkson University - Mechanical Engineering (BS) Rochester Institute of Technology (EMBA)

Strategic Program Director at St. John’s Divisional Vice President at Eastman Kodak Company

Joanne E. Braeunle

St. John Senior Communities
Corporate Strategy Officer