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Global Management and Supply Chain Management Track

The Global Management and Supply Chain Management track prepares you to be an effective business leader in today’s global economy. It provides you with the background in the major aspects of managing and operating a multi-national business such as international competitive strategy, cross-cultural human resource management, global marketing, as well as global logistics and operation management.


Courses in this track are in addition to the MS in Management Core Courses. They include track courses specific to this track, while utilizing Track Electives and Business Electives.

Featured courses in track: Lean Six Sigma Fundamentals, Supply Chain Management, Global Marketing Management, and Business Process Analysis and Workflow.


Management (global management and supply chain management track), MS degree, typical course sequence

Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
Organizational Behavior and Leadership
This course examines why people behave as they do in organizations and what managers can do to improve organizational performance by influencing people's behavior. Students will learn a number of frameworks for diagnosing and dealing with managerial challenges dynamics at the individual, group and organizational level. Topics include leadership, motivation, team building, conflict, organizational change, cultures, decision making and ethical leadership.
Managing of Innovation in Products and Services
This course addresses the management of innovation, sustainable technology, and the importance of technology-based innovation for the growth of the global products and services industries. The course integrates three major themes: (1) leading-edge concepts in innovation, (2) the role of technology in creating global competitive advance in both product-based and services-based industries, and (3) the responsibility of businesses related to sustainability. The importance of digital technology as an enabler of innovative services is covered throughout the course. (completion of four graduate business courses)
This course is designed to teach the art and science of negotiation so that one can negotiate successfully in a variety of settings, within one's day-to-day experiences and, especially, within the broad spectrum of negotiation problems faced by managers and other professionals. Individual class sessions will explore the many ways that people think about and practice negotiation skills and strategies in a variety of contexts.
Global Business Opportunities and Threats
This course is designed to keep students informed of the current trends of global business, develop students with the necessary theoretical foundations and analytical skills to compete in the global environment, and equip students with the knowledge base to take advantage of global opportunities and avoid risks in international business. Subject areas include how to discover opportunities and analyze risks in international trade, foreign investment, foreign exchange, and regional integrations.
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Study of the management of operations and supply chain management. Encompasses both manufacturing and services. Topics include operations and supply chain strategy, ethical behavior, forecasting; work systems, inventory management, capacity and materials planning, lean operation, supply chain design and closed-loop supply chains, global operations, quality management, quality control, and quality improvement, project management; and current issues.
Global Issues and Strategies
This course will focus on contemporary international and global business issues, such as governance, outsourcing and offshoring, role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), etc. It will emphasize faculty-directed student research projects.
Graduate Project or Business Elective†
This course is used to fulfill the graduate project requirement for the MS degree in management. The candidate must obtain approval from an appropriate faculty member to supervise the paper before registering for this course. A corporate-oriented research project designed by the candidate and his or her advisor to explore a salient management-related issue.
Seminar in Ethics/Corporate Responsibility*
Track Elective
Business Elective
Free Elective
Total Semester Credit Hours 30

* May be waived if student has already completed an ethics/corporate social responsibility course.
† Students must complete a graduate project or a comprehensive exam plus an additional business elective.