Global Supply Chain Management Careers

The MS in Global Supply Chain Management program is designed for students who want to obtain global supply chain skills and knowledge, while also building strong analytical, quantitative, operation, and leadership skills. These skillsets position students for success in not only designing innovative solutions and predicting future trends, but also in becoming a leader in the fast-moving business landscapes of the global supply chain system.

Top Growth Careers

Typical job titles include: Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain Planner, Sourcing Manager, Global Sourcing Manager, Operation Manager, Logistics Manager, Program Manager, Project Manager, and others.

Saunders Advisory Boards

All Saunders College graduate programs are enhanced by the experience and leadership of our corporate partnerships through the Saunders Industry Advisory Boards. The Management Advisory Board is a vital resource for the MS in Global Supply Chain Management program, bringing expertise and guidance from global companies to assist Saunders in delivering the highest quality curricula that maintains an applied focus, and includes what employers are looking for in graduates of Saunders College.