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12 Months, 31 Credits

The Saunders Master of Science in Finance program at RIT is designed to prepare students for managerial careers in corporate finance, investment analysis and portfolio management, financial consulting and financial institutions.

The analytical, deductive nature of the program creates financial professionals who can adapt to dynamic changes in the deregulated financial industry and its dramatic growth in investment options. Its courses prepare students to sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam.

Students may complete the program on a full-time or part-time basis, with the full-time program beginning exclusively in the fall semester.

The program of study consists of 10 courses and a comprehensive exam based on the finance courses completed by the student. The exam will be administered at the end of the student’s last term. Students must pass the exam to earn their degree.

Curriculum Resources

The latest curricula for incoming students is provided below. Current students and alumni – please visit the Office of the Registrar for a History of Course Catalogs to view and download official degree requirements pertaining to the academic year you began your degree.


Finance, MS degree, typical course sequence

Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
Accounting for Decision Makers
A graduate-level introduction to the use of accounting information by decision makers. The focus of the course is on two subject areas: (1) financial reporting concepts/issues and the use of general-purpose financial statements by internal and external decision makers and (2) the development and use of special-purpose financial information intended to assist managers in planning and controlling an organization's activities. Generally accepted accounting principles and issues related to International Financial Reporting Standards are considered while studying the first subject area and ethical issues impacting accounting are considered throughout.
Financial Analysis for Managers
An examination of basic financial theories, techniques, and practices. Topics include: time value of money, valuation, capital asset pricing, risk and diversification, cost of capital, capital budgeting techniques and spreadsheet analysis.
Securities and Investment Analysis
A survey of topics in investment analysis, including the study of financial markets, features of various financial assets and security pricing. Focus is on individual security analysis (as distinct from portfolio analysis). Asset pricing theory is used in valuing securities. Practical issues in equity valuation are discussed including risk evaluation, macroeconomic/industry/competitive analysis and the use of corporate SEC filings.
Options and Futures
This course focuses on financial derivative securities. Their role in financial management is becoming increasingly important, especially in portfolio management. This course covers valuation of various options and futures as well as their use in risk management. Specific topics include options and futures pricing models, options strategies, and contemporary topics such as index arbitraging.
Finance Electives
General Electives
Field Exam Preparatory
All MS-Finance students take a field exam at the end of their program. This course provides basic help to students taking this exam. (all required finance courses in the MS-finance program)
Total Semester Credit Hours 31

Approved finance electives

FINC-722 Financial Management II
FINC-732 Portfolio Management
FINC-742 Financial Modeling and Analysis
FINC-758 Seminar in Finance
FINC-760 Finance in a Global Environment
FINC-761 Stock Market Algorithmic Trading
FINC-773 Debt Analysis
FINC-780 Financial Analytics

Approved general electives

ACCT-704 Corporate Financial Reporting I
ACCT-705 Corporate Financial Reporting II
ACCT-706 Cost Management
ACCT-709 Basic Taxation
DECS-782 Statistical Analysis for Decision Making
ESCB-705 Economics and Decision Modeling
MGIS-650 Introduction to Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
MGIS-710 Information Systems Concepts

Finance Faculty

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