Make It Your Own

Choose from a variety of specialties that best fit your career goals. Choose popular business disciplines such as Finance, Marketing, Business Analytics, and Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Or choose one of our popular joint electives built in partnership with other RIT colleges including Global Supply Chain Management and Engineering Management with the College of Engineering, and Health Systems Administration with the College of Health Sciences and Technology. Or create a custom concentration using any graduate course offered at RIT (subject to prerequisites and academic advisor review). Please view MBA Curriculum page for course details, for each concentration.

Concentrate on Your Specialty

Business Specialties 

Accounting  |  Business Analytics  |  Digital Marketing  |  Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship |  Finance  |  Innovation management  |  International Business  |  Management and Leadership  |  Management Information Systems  |  Marketing  |  Project Management  |  Global Supply Chain Management

Joint Specialties 

Health Systems Administration (all concentration courses online)  |  Human Resource Development  |  Industrial and Systems Engineering Management  |  Public Policy

Customized Specialties 

Create your own concentration by accessing graduate courses across all nine RIT colleges.

View all MBA Specialties and course details on our MBA Curriculum page.