Unlock Your Career

The world is evolving at accelerated speeds. Business and technology are driving this growth. As part of RIT, Saunders College of Business puts you at the center of these disciplines that are creating the future, positioning you for success.

Unlock your career potential at Saunders College. Make it your own by tapping diverse career options through powerful graduate degree options that match your interests and goals. Experience the difference of a graduate education that delivers an applied approach featuring real-world experiences employers value and recognize as evidenced by our high placement rates. Go first class in a community that gets to know you and cares about your career success.

Map It Out with flexible schedules that provide the convenience your lifestyle demands, and built to give you the experience your passions and ambitions require for success. Check out our graduate degrees for in-demand careers to help find the perfect match for your career goals, and learn how Saunders delivers one of the best values and return on investment for your graduate education.

Whether you are looking to advance your career or launch a new career, Saunders gives you the options to reach your career goals.

Advance Your Career

If you are enjoying your career but looking towards opportunities to advance, chances are that Saunders has a degree for you. Learn more about how to advance your career at Saunders.

Launch a New Career

You are not alone if you are considering a change. Weather you are a business professional or not, Saunders has a degree for you. An MBA can give you the foundation you need across all business functions while allowing you to concentrate. Learn more about how you can launch a new career at Saunders.