The RIT Edge

Where else would you want to get a business degree? Saunders College is situated at the center of the RIT Campus with rich traditions in technology and all STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math.) At Saunders, you have access to the resources of a large technical University. Graduate classes offered across all nine RIT colleges so you can customize your degree through concentrations and electives to pursue the career of your dreams, or even discover your ultimate career while you are here.

Make it your own by selecting from many business disciplines and cross-disciplinary options that tap the resources across nine RIT colleges. Customize your graduate degree through a wide range of business degrees, specialties, tracks and electives. A powerfully dynamic Saunders curriculum allows you to stand out among your peers by creating unique options among highly recognized and ranked programs.

At the Intersection of Business and Technology

Situated at RIT, Saunders College graduate programs have a strong technology foundation. This includes the Technology Core that makes up the core courses in our MBA program, our unparalleled ability to cover information systems in our Accounting programs, and our leadership position in Management Information Systems. Saunders students enter the workforce prepared to deliver technology solutions that enable their employers to compete successfully in an increasingly technical world.

Saunders College is located at the hub of RIT. Therefore, not only are you able to access courses at any of the nine colleges on campus, you also have students from all disciplines sitting next to you in your business courses, making for a truly unique classroom setting. This often leads to more enriching classroom experiences and allows student teams the ability to pursue real-world business projects that involve more sophisticated technology components. This creates a truly dynamic culture where diverse ideas and career-long relationships are formed and grow.