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Vibrant Campus, Centrally Located

International students from around the world discover Rochester to be the ideal place to pursue their graduate business degree. Located in New York State, RIT is geographically located in close proximity to the world's largest cities and corporations. A beautiful campus setting in Rochester, New York offers a friendly, vibrant, international community; a very safe environment; and the fullest of all four seasons throughout the year.

Friendly, vibrant campus, located in Rochester, New York

  • Over 2,700 international students at RIT come from over 100 countries, with dedicated student services, and student clubs
  • Rochester produces over 1,000 patents per year (ranking highly per capita) and is home to the new federal Integrated Photonics Institute for Manufacturing Innovation
  • RIT and Saunders are known for the flexibility in policies around intellectual property
  • Located within six hours by car of New York City, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Montreal, and closer to Niagara Falls and Toronto

Discover more resources to help you get started on your way to a graduate degree at Saunders College of Business. Visit our graduate admissions pages for international student to assist you with navigating the application process.

You will find many flexible program options that leverage nationally recognized and top-ranked university resources, rolling admissions throughout the year, quick admissions decisions, generous financial aid, applied real-world classroom experiences, and strong corporate partnerships that deliver the career results your seek.

International Students - F-1 STEM OPT 24-month work extension

International students receiving a graduate degree in this program qualify to apply for a 24-month work extension to their OPT (Optional Practical Training) period. This extension means that students could be eligible for up to three years of work in the United States.

The extension is exclusive to qualifying STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) focused programs. This program qualifies for an F-1 OPT STEM Extension, under the CIP Code 27.0305-Financial Mathematics in the 2012 STEM-Designated Degree Program List published by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office. For more information please visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)webpages: Understanding F-1 OPT Requirements and Questions and Answers: Extension of Optional Practical Training Program for Qualified Students.

International Support Services

As an international student you get a wealth of resources including International Student Services, Study Abroad, International Scholarships and Fellowships, the Writing Commons, tutoring in Saunders and across campus, and the English Language Center to give you the support and confidence to succeed at RIT. With over 200 student clubs to choose from you will be sure to find activities that meet your interests.

Academic Excellence and Diversity

Academically you get diversity in wide selection of academic programs to compliment your business degree. RIT graduates the second most STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) students in the nation, making Saunders the perfect headquarters for your business education. Students can complete their RIT degrees at any of our international RIT campuses in Dubai, Croatia, Kosovo, and China.

We Are Here To Help You

Your decision to study abroad is a major commitment and investment. We are here to help. You will find many resources available to help you on your way, including opportunities and events to visit us and experience Saunders College first hand.

When in doubt, please inquire today or contact us so we can answer your questions, and help you find your way to deciding your best path forward in selecting a college and ultimately your career.