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October 29, 2014

Today, we visited IBM Vietnam. The office in IBM Vietnam was very nice and the speech was great. The country leader for IBM was Do Thi Huong Tra, a very impressive lady who shared her experience with us.  It was yet another example of women in leadership in Vietnam which we found a bit surprising. 

October 29, 2014

To start day three we visited Kinh Do Bakery’s production facility.  During Kinh Do Group’s visit, it was impressive to see millions of crackers were being produced from the raw materials into finish products in the assembly line through automation. The marketing group had done an amazing job to promote their products. In the afternoon we met with the leader of Esquel Garment manufacturing.

October 29, 2014

Today was another day of productive and informative meetings regarding doing business in Vietnam. I couldn’t have more appreciation for the speakers who share their valuable time, knowledge, and experience with us.  The Highlands Coffee shop offered one of the most popular coffees in Vietnam.  It is called “Caphe Sua Da”.  As a non-coffee drinker, I tried the local coffee because it was famous. Not to be disappointed, the ice coffee was amazingly good. If I live here, I will probably get hooked up to coffees like most of the locals.  The “Diamond Plaza” next to the coffee shop was completely a modern department store which carried the most familiar luxury brands, such as Lancome, Estee Lauder.

October 21, 2014

Today was the first day we have been in Ho Chi Minh City after the long commute across the globe (photo 1). I really enjoyed the presentations from the amazing speakers we had today talking about topics such as Vietnam economics, and mergers and acquisitions. My team was on a scavenger hunt assignment after the informative presentations. Even though the traveling had tired us out, we had a lot of fun walking around the city and trying to figure out the local surroundings. Our team had walked for eight miles around the city.

June 26, 2014

Well, it’s just about time for our group of RIT road warriors to pack it in and return home from our Footsteps Through the Adriatic summer program.  The past two weeks have been filled with our continuing bus tour around the beautiful Croatian countryside, visits to islands, mountains, cities, and more hotels. One of our stops was the island of Pag, where the tradition of making sheep milk cheese has been practiced for almost 2,000 years. 

June 20, 2014

Bonjour! Earlier this month I had the pleasure of going to Paris to attend a friend/ former RIT alum’s (KGCOE) wedding. I arrived a week prior to the wedding so I had some time to knock some things off of my bucket list and even had the opportunity to visit a new study abroad program at the American University of Paris through RIT’s affiliate SAI.

June 15, 2014

(Tuesday June 10, 2014) Our traveling band of gypsies arrived in the beautiful seaside town of Makarska, a very popular tourist destination that sits under the massive cliffs of Biokovo National Park, our next hiking destination.  Makarska is known for its bustling palm-lined promenade, filled wi

June 14, 2014

So last Monday we set out from Dubrovnik on our tour bus for some Foot-stepping around the beautiful Croatian countryside.

June 06, 2014

Dobro Dan (Good Day) from Dubrovnik and “Footsteps Through the Adriatic” summer program.

June 03, 2014

Our intrepid group arrived in sunny Dubrovnik Croatia on Friday May 30th for the second installment of Footsteps Through the Adriatic, a multidisciplinary program sponsored by RIT Study Abroad.

March 29, 2014

Eight jammed-packed and unforgettable days later, we’re about to head on home.

Honors Program- Silicon Valley 2014
March 29, 2014

Spending this past week in Silicon Valley has been a very eye-opening experience.

March 28, 2014

I know I’ve said in my other blog posts that every day has been amazing, but that doesn’t even begin to describe today.

March 27, 2014

Today had easily some of the best visits of the week!

March 27, 2014

On Monday we had the opportunity of meeting with Steve Capps, an RIT alumni who has a startup in the Bay Area known as PayNearMe. Capps moved straight from RIT to Xerox, then worked for Apple, and after spending some time in Paris, was coaxed by Apple to return to his former position.