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Capsim Capstone 2020/2021 poster
May 14, 2021

For the third year in a row, students from Saunders College of Business have finished in the top one percent in the Capsim Capstone simulation.

Female students watch Suzanne Piotrowski's keynote speech at the RIT Women's Leadership Conference
May 11, 2021

Saunders hosted its first Women’s Leadership Summit in mid-April.

May 05, 2021

The Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2 is a cohort program that jump-starts business education by introducing fundamental business courses.

National Mom and Pop Business Day Saunders Logo
March 29, 2021

Mom and Pop Business Owners Day is a recognition of more than 30 million small businesses operating in the United States. Every year on March 29, the nation celebrates the vital role that small businesses play in the economy, providing nearly 70% of all new jobs.

Saunders International Women's Day Logo
March 03, 2021

Saunders College of Business celebrates International Women's Day, a global celebration of social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women worldwide.

Claire and Ann-Katherine Candelori share a moment in a gazebo on RIT campus
March 02, 2021

Claire Candelori (left) ’20 (industrial and systems engineering), ’21 (MBA) and Ann-Katherine Candelori ’22 (management information systems) are

December 01, 2020

From the first day of class, Saunders' business students are encouraged to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship through the Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2.

December 01, 2020

The Capsim Challenge is a worldwide, biannual global competition to find the best team to run a multi-million-dollar simulation company. The best businesses face off to beat the simulation, and Saunders undergraduate seniors are in on the action.

October 09, 2020

Saunders Interim Department Chair and Professor of Economics, Steven Gold, Ph.D., has authored several journals, articles, books and chapters regarding business and economic simulations for classroom use.

September 28, 2020

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exam has been the leading entry assessment for business programs for more than 60 years.

September 25, 2020

Come celebrate World Tourism Day 2020, as shared on the UNWTO calendar of events to celebrate the big day.

September 10, 2020

Saunders College of Business is getting close to breaking ground on a building expansion, increasing its current footprint by approximately 80 percent.