Saunders College Staff Recognition

Saunders College is proud to offer exceptional faculty and staff to serve our students and prepare them for greatness. Many of our distinguished faculty and staff have been recognized on a University and college level for their efforts and excellence. Saunders is thankful for their service.

Saunders Student Impact Award

Given annually to a Saunders College staff member who takes a student-centered approach to completing his or her job. The winners are those who provide a supportive environment, and are highly accessible and approachable to those they serve. They are individuals who will assuredly follow up to ensure each student’s needs are met, and are always cooperative and collaborative in doing so.

Director of Student Services
Sr. Associate Director of Graduate Business Programs & Admissions

Saunders Difference Maker Award

Given annually to a Saunders College staff member who has embraced and excelled in his or her position. Recipients of this award have displayed great enthusiasm towards their jobs, as well as team, department, and college goals. Winners of the ‘Difference Maker Award’ are also proactive in identifying challenges and suggesting viable solutions. They are those who have earned the respect of their colleagues for their professionalism and integrity.

Scheduling Officer
Director of Technical Services
Adjunct Professor
Senior Program Staff Assistant

RIT Presidential Awards for Outstanding Staff

The Presidential Awards for Outstanding Staff include the Staff Recognition Awards, the Albert J. Simone Legacy Award, and the Isaac L. Jordan, Sr. Staff Pluralism Award. In 2019, four Saunders staff members were nominated. For full details on the awards and nominees, please visit the RIT Presidential Awards for Outstanding Staff web pages.

Staff Excellence Award Recipient

Heidi has brought a wealth of hospitality and dining experience to her position as events and promotions manager. She is an all-around treasure for RIT to have in its community and a rising star. Heidi provides exceptional customer service on all fronts and represents Saunders and RIT in the best possible light.

Staff Excellence Award Nominees

Director of Student Services

Peter is an asset not only to the department and Saunders College of Business, but also to RIT. His good work goes well beyond the RIT campus and his passion is evident and is reinforced through his work ethic. He is a leader and role model for students and peers alike.

Sr. Associate Director of Graduate Business Programs & Admissions

Peggy is 110% committed to the students she serves, and they stay connected when they leave RIT. Her office is filled with trinkets from around the world, sent or brought back by grateful alumni. She is also committed to RIT and willingly volunteers for committees, panels, and activities that go beyond the requirements for the job.

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Character, I always believed, supersedes any individual and holistically creates their reputation. When I moved to the College of Business my sophomore year, I kept hearing that having Rose Thomas as an advisor meant I was in good hands, and that for sure was the truth. Now when I hear about the character and person that Isaac L. Jordan was, I feel like a mirror reflects the image of Rose Thomas.