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Research and Publications

Saunders College of Business research is published in the world's most respected, peer-reviewed journals and academic publications. For an annual review of highlighted scholarly research from Saunders Faculty, please visit the RIT Annual Scholarship Report, or for a full list including the latest published results, please see below.

Research topics

You’ll find thought leadership at Saunders College goes beyond our academic areas. Our faculty expertise extends to a variety of relevant topics that often cross the usual defined boundaries. This collaborative approach helps you learn how to work across functions and create solutions that shape the future.

Some featured research topics include: Cybersecurity, Social media and entrepreneurship, Fraud and litigation risk, Auditing and pricing decisions, Financial regulations, Stock market trading algorithms, Creativity in technology management, Corporate social responsibility, Social capital and work relationships, Leadership, and IT adoption in U.S. healthcare.

Faculty Research

  • Robin, Ashok, Adut, D., Holder, A., (2013). Predictive versus Opportunistic Earnings Management, Executive Compensation, and Firm Performance. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy.
  • Robin, Ashok, Lessard, J., (1991). Acquisition of U.S. Firms by International Firms: Wealth Effects. American Business Review.
  • Robin, Ashok, Karim, K., Pinsker, R., (2013). Firm size and the voluntary disclosure of nonfinancial information by private versus public firm managers. Managerial Auditing Journal.
  • Robin, Ashok, Holder, A., Karim, K., (2013). Was Dodd-Frank justified in exempting small firms from Section 404b compliance?. Accounting Horizons.
  • Robin, Ashok, Dey, M., (2012). The Post-SOX Evolution of the Client Portfolio of the Second Tier: A Focus on Restatement and Internal Control Risk. International Journal of Auditing.
  • Robin, Ashok, Dey, M., (2011). Second-Tier Auditing Firms: Developments & Prospects. CPA Journal.
  • Robin, Ashok, Hoi, C., (2010). Labor Market Consequences of Accounting Fraud. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society.
  • Rothenberg, Sandra, Maxwell, J., (1995). Extending the Umbrella of Social Concern: Volvo’s Strategic Approach to Environmental Management. Corporate Environmental Strategy.
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  • Rothenberg, Sandra, Levy, D., (2012). Corporate Perceptions of Climate Science: The Role of Corporate Environmental Scientists. Business and Society.
  • Rothenberg, Sandra, Tang, Z., Hull, C., (2012). How Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement Strategy Moderates the CSRFinancial Performance Relationship. Journal of Management Studies.
  • Rothenberg, Sandra, Bousquin, J., Gambeta, E., Esterman, M., (2012). Life Cycle Assessment in the Print Industry: A Critical Review. Journal of Industrial Ecology.
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  • Rothenberg, Sandra, Zygliodopoulos, S., Fleming, P., (2008). Rationalization, Overcompensation and the Escalation of Corruption in Organizations. Journal of Business Ethics.