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Research and Publications

Saunders College of Business research is published in the world's most respected, peer-reviewed journals and academic publications. For an annual review of highlighted scholarly research from Saunders Faculty, please visit the RIT Annual Scholarship Report, or for a full list including the latest published results, please see below.

Research topics

You’ll find thought leadership at Saunders College goes beyond our academic areas. Our faculty expertise extends to a variety of relevant topics that often cross the usual defined boundaries. This collaborative approach helps you learn how to work across functions and create solutions that shape the future.

Some featured research topics include: Cybersecurity, Social media and entrepreneurship, Fraud and litigation risk, Auditing and pricing decisions, Financial regulations, Stock market trading algorithms, Creativity in technology management, Corporate social responsibility, Social capital and work relationships, Leadership, and IT adoption in U.S. healthcare.

Faculty Research

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