Saunders Distinctions

RIT Faculty Awards & Excellence

Saunders College is proud to offer exceptional faculty to serve our students and prepare them for greatness. RIT has acknowledged our exceptional faculty and bestowed the highest University honors for their excellence in teaching, innovation and mentorship. For a complete list of awards please visit the RIT Faculty Awards & Grants web pages.

Zutes Fellowship

Honors bestowed upon faculty by the Dean for the rigor, quantity and quality of their scholarship. To view, please visit the Saunders Zutes Fellowship listing.

Distinguished Professorships

Endowed positions supported by private gifts and honorary named positions held by distinguished faculty members. To view, please visit the Saunders Distinguished Professors listing.

Staff Recognition

Saunders College of Business staff are recognized with honors and awards acclaiming their achievements and scholarship. To view, please visit Saunders College Staff Recognitions and RIT Presidential Awards for Outstanding Staff for a listing of past recipients.

Student Recognition

Saunders College of Business students are recognized at the highest levels at RIT. To view, please visit The Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Awards and RIT Graduate Education Week & Showcase Winners for a listing of past recipients.