Discover the esteemed scholars and practitioners of Saunders College

Saunders College faculty members combine real-world and academic knowledge of business problems to augment theoretical training. By combining theory and practice, courses are designed for you to learn from real-world experiences. Teaching methods include case study, seminars, simulations, and independent work. Faculty choose the method most appropriate to the material and their individual styles. Saunders students have opportunities to work with faculty in advancing research initiatives. In addition to faculty research, RIT is home to several research centers that will allow you to explore other research interests.

RIT has several awards designed to recognize outstanding teaching and encourage ground-breaking scholarship and research. Please visit the RIT Faculty Awards and Grants page to view recognitions received by Saunders faculty.

Research and Publications

Research is a vital component of Saunders College, and faculty members have developed theories in many academic fields. Our faculty experts shape business and policy across a wide-range of disciplines. Saunders research is published in the world's most respected, peer-reviewed journals and academic publications. For an annual review of highlighted scholarly research from Saunders Faculty, please visit the RIT Annual Scholarship Report. Or, view below for a listing of the latest Published Faculty Research.

Research topics

You’ll find thought leadership at Saunders College goes beyond our academic areas. Our faculty expertise extends to a variety of relevant topics that often cross the usual defined boundaries. This collaborative approach helps you learn how to work across functions and create solutions that shape the future. Some featured research topics include: cybersecurity, digital marketing, strategic leadership, corporate game theory social media and entrepreneurship, fraud and litigation risk, auditing and pricing decisions, financial regulations, stock market trading algorithms, creativity in technology management, corporate social responsibility, social capital and work relationships, leadership, and IT adoption in U.S. healthcare.

Published Faculty Research

  • Chinmay Jain, Archana Jain, Ashok Robin, (2020). Does accounting conservatism deter short sellers?. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting.
  • Sevil Sonmez, Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Michael Lemke, Yu-Chin Jerrie Hsieh, (2020). Understanding the effects of COVID-19 on the health and safety of immigrant hospitality workers in the United States.. Tourism Management Perspectives.
  • M. Vidovic, M. Hammond, J. Lenhardt, M. Palanski, Joy Olabisi, (2020). Teaching Virtual and Cross-Cultural Collaborations: Exploring Team Task Effectiveness of Croatia- and U.S.-based Undergraduate Students. Journal of Management Education.
  • Nishant Malik, David Spencer, Quang (Neo) Bui, (2020). Power in the US Political Economy: A Network Analysis. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.
  • Li Sun, Brian Walkup, Kean Wu, (2020). Sales Order Backlog and Corporate Social Responsibility. Advances in Accounting.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, (2020). Is social capital associated with corporate innovation? Evidence from publicly traded firms in the U.S.. Journal of Corporate Finance.
  • Muhammet Kesgin, Jerrie Hsieh, Abdulaziz Alqusayer, (2020). What motivates and satisfies lodging employees in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? . Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism.
  • Maja Vidovic, Michelle Hammond, Michael Palanski, (2020). Teaching Virtual and Cross-Cultural Collaborations: Exploring Experiences of Croatia- and U.S.-Based Undergraduate Students. Journal of Management Education.
  • Gerald Lobo, Ashok Robin, Ke-an Wu, (2020). Share Repurchases and Accounting Conservatism. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting.
  • Zhijian Huang, Jingzhi Huang, (2020). Testing Moving Average Trading Strategies on ETFs. Journal of Empirical Finance.
  • Navjot Kaur, Malarvizhi Hirudayaraj, (2020). The Role of Leader Emotional Intelligence in Organizational Learning: A Literature Review Using 4I Framework. New Horizons in Adult Education and Human Resource Development.
  • Manlu Liu, Sean Hansen, Qiang Tu, (2020). Keeping the family together: Sustainability and modularity in community source development . Information and Organization.
  • Manlu Liu, Kean Wu, Rong Yang, Yang Yu, (2020). Textual Analysis for Risk Profiles from 10-K Filings: Evidence from Audit Opinions. CPA Journal.
  • Zhijian Huang, Jingzhi Huang, Li Xu, (2020). Sequential Learning of Cryptocurrency Volatility Dynamics: Evidence Based on A Stochastic Volatility Model with Jumps in Returns and Volatility. Quarterly Journal of Finance.
  • Yuanlu Niu, Jinfang Liu, Malarvizhi Hirudayaraj, (2020). Lookism in the Chinese workplace: An integrated literature review. International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management..
  • Rajendran Murthy, (2020). Multiscreening and Concurrent Media Usage: The Case of Recall and Recognition. Journal of Advertising Research.
  • Ravi Dharwadkar, Jun Guo, Linna Shi, Rong Yang, (2020). Corporate social irresponsibility and boards: The implications of legal expertise . Journal of Business Research.
  • Archana Jain, Chinmay Jain, Revansiddha Khanapure, (2020). Pre-earnings announcement returns and momentum. Economic letters.
  • Malarvizhi Hirudayaraj, (2020). Crisis Within a Crisis: Exploring India''s migrant crisis during Covid-19 and role of non-profit organizations, Indian journal of human development. Indian Journal of Human Development.