Discover the esteemed scholars and practitioners of Saunders College

Saunders College faculty members combine real-world and academic knowledge of business problems to augment theoretical training. By combining theory and practice, courses are designed for you to learn from real-world experiences. Teaching methods include case study, seminars, simulations, and independent work. Faculty choose the method most appropriate to the material and their individual styles. Saunders students have opportunities to work with faculty in advancing research initiatives. In addition to faculty research, RIT is home to several research centers that will allow you to explore other research interests.

RIT has several awards designed to recognize outstanding teaching and encourage ground-breaking scholarship and research. Please visit the RIT Faculty Awards and Grants page to view recognitions received by Saunders faculty.

Research and Publications

Research is a vital component of Saunders College, and faculty members have developed theories in many academic fields. Our faculty experts shape business and policy across a wide-range of disciplines. Saunders research is published in the world's most respected, peer-reviewed journals and academic publications. For an annual review of highlighted scholarly research from Saunders Faculty, please visit the RIT Annual Scholarship Report. Or, view below for a listing of the latest Published Faculty Research.

Research topics

You’ll find thought leadership at Saunders College goes beyond our academic areas. Our faculty expertise extends to a variety of relevant topics that often cross the usual defined boundaries. This collaborative approach helps you learn how to work across functions and create solutions that shape the future. Some featured research topics include: cybersecurity, digital marketing, strategic leadership, corporate game theory social media and entrepreneurship, fraud and litigation risk, auditing and pricing decisions, financial regulations, stock market trading algorithms, creativity in technology management, corporate social responsibility, social capital and work relationships, leadership, and IT adoption in U.S. healthcare.

Published Faculty Research

  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Qiang Wu, Hao Zhang, (2018). Community Social Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Jeffrey Lessard, Ashok Robin, (2001). CNBC's Squawk Box: Rocket Fuel for Share Prices?. American Business Review.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Ashok Robin, (2010). Labor Market Consequences of Accounting Fraud. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society.
  • Eugene Fram, Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, (2001). The CREF Stock Fund is Nearing 50: How well has the first equity variable annuity served investors?. Business Horizons.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Ashok Robin, (2010). Agency Conflicts, Controlling Owner Proximity and Firm Value: An Analysis of Dual-Class firms in the United States. Corporate Governance: An International Review.
  • Mason Gerety, Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Ashok Robin, (2001). Do Shareholders Benefit from the Adoption of Incentive Pay for Directors?. Financial Management.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Qiang Wu, Hao Zhang, (2013). Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Associated with Tax Avoidance? Evidence from Irresponsible CSR Activities. The Accounting Review.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Ashok Robin, Daniel Tessoni, (2009). Anatomy of an unusual merger: ABI (2006). Journal of Financial Education.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Michael Lacina, Patricia Wollan, (2008). Earnings Management in Corporate Voting: Evidence from Anti-Takeover Charter Amendments. Advances in Quantitative Analysis of Finance and Accounting.
  • Iftekhar Hasan, Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Qiang Wu, Hao Zhang, (2017). Social Capital and Debt Contracting: Evidence from Bank Loans and Public Bonds. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.
  • Iftekhar Hassan, Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Qiang Wu, Hao Zhang, (2017). Does Social Capital Matter in Corporate Decisions? Evidence from Corporate Tax Avoidance. Journal of Accounting Research.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Ashok Robin, Daniel Tessoni, (2007). Sarbanes-Oxley: Are Audit Committees Up To The Task?. Managerial Auditing Journal.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Ashok Robin, (2004). The design of incentive compensation for directors. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, (2020). Is social capital associated with corporate innovation? Evidence from publicly traded firms in the U.S.. Journal of Corporate Finance.
  • Yan Chan, Yan Yu, Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, (2015). Hidden In-game Intelligence of NBA Players' Tweets. Communications of the ACM.
  • Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, Qiang Wu, Hao Zhang, (2019). Does social capital mitigate agency problems? Evidence from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) compensation. Journal of Financial Economics.
  • Jeffrey Coles, Chun-Keung (Stan) Hoi, (2003). New Evidence on the Market for Directors: Board Membership and Pennsylvania Senante Bill 1310. Journal of Finance.
  • Sheryl Kline, Yu-Chin Hsieh, (2007). Wage differentials in the lodging industry: A case study.. Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism.
  • M Kuo, D Zhu, Yu-Chin Jerrie Hsieh, C Hsu, (2020). Improving job performance of realtors in Taiwan: a view from leader-member exchange quality and job stress . International Journal of Business Performance Management..
  • Yu-Chin (Jerrie) Hsieh, Sevil Sonemz, Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Michael Kenneth, (2017). Perceived workplace mistreatment: Case of Latina hotel housekeepers. Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation.