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Study Abroad

International students join both Department of Service Systems (DSS) graduate programs at RIT with each term. These students represent a diverse group of students from a variety of global locations. This diversity lends to the experiential learning, in the classroom and on-line, bringing a variety of opinions and insights to the learning experience.

The Service leadership and Innovation (SLI) graduate program is taught in many overseas locations. To the present time SLI has offered its degree program in Croatia, Kosovo, Dominican Republic and Dubai. Our Human Resource Development (HRD) graduate program has offered select courses within the SLI program including Talent Development and Leading change to name a few. For courses offered at the overseas campuses the faculty teach the courses using a blended format including teaching on-line before and after a one week classroom session on location. Students from RIT campuses, who make prior arrangements, have taken classes at another overseas location, often combining their academic courses with a chance to explore a new culture. This orientation to learning and exploring is encouraged as it promotes a more engaged student and results in a global perspective of those who take advantage of such an option.

Internship Opportunities

Often employers reach out to our department and request students who could complete an internship working for them as part of their studies.  The department forwards those requests to all eligible graduate students and facilitates student and employer interaction to secure these positions.

Placement Services

RIT offers placement services for all students who are eligible to work in the United States. Included in those services are workshops to complete resumes and enhance networking. Students are also encouraged to attend and network at professional meetings for associations in their field of study. Employment opportunities exist for at the local, regional and national level.

On-Campus Student Employment

RIT offers employment opportunities for students interested in working during their studies.  Within the department opportunities to be a Graduate Assistant for faculty, who help conduct research, can be found for up to 20 hours per week.  Students interested in this option complete an application provided to them by the department academic advisor prior to the beginning of the academic term.  Faculty will interview students for their graduate assistant positions and select students based on their needs and the student’s ability to help them conduct their research. 

The department also has the opportunity to hire student employees to assist in the department office and activities.  Students interested in applying for those positions secure the application from the senior department administrator.  Interviews are conducted and positions filled based on need and students’ ability to meet those needs.