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Which road is your way forward? Build your own Elective Pathway

Driven by changes in markets and technologies, the hospitality and tourism industries are evolving rapidly.  Graduates' skills, competencies, and knowledge have to stay relevant to the changing industry.  To achieve this, we have designed a highly flexible program that draws on all the resources of RIT to help students build unique competency 'Pathways' that prepare them for success in the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'.

At the same time, the 'new' hospitality will demand all the traditional skills of empathetic service, capacity to organize and manage large groups, and ensure excellent guest experiences.  Our program ensures graduates understand that 'service' is the glue that holds all parts of our industry together.  They will graduate knowing how to bring together technology and service to create and deliver superb guest experiences.

Elective Pathways

The HTM program includes 15 elective credits. We have designed a unique highly flexible program called Elective Pathways.   This means students can choose to study a three or five course sequence in a fieElective Pathway Infographicld of their choice.  Some examples include: robotics, artificial and cognitive computing, human-computer interfaces, public relations and marketing, services marketing, real-estate finance, packaging of processed/fresh food products, game-design for employee training applications, virtual reality for marketing, web design and social media management, wine and beverage marketing, food innovation, or food and cultures.  Really the choices are only limited by students' imaginations.

The program will provide students the ability to acquire a minor or immersion in an area of their interest or a field that will help them acquire a distinct and valuable competency.  Our academic advisors will help students to find "pathways" that fit particular career interests.