Accounting: The universal language for business

Saunders College accounting faculty go beyond the numbers to show you how accounting practices inform the market and influence decision-makers. Obtain the career skills that can be universally applied to any business across the globe and provide the essential functions and tools needed to determine wealth, profitability and liquidity.

Business & Technology

The traditional lines between accounting, finance, and management are dissolving, and technology is changing at a rapid pace. The accounting programs at Saunders keeps you ahead of the game through expert teaching of information systems and innovative accounting solutions. Leverage the resources at your disposal to start your careers off on the right path. Our graduates who chose to sit for the CPA exam consistently meet and exceed New York State CPA passing rates.

Real-world Readiness

For successful organizations, accountants serve a strategic role that is more than just number crunching and financial reporting. Accountants must provide the foundation for the execution of corporate strategy, serve as business advisors and understand how to leverage cutting-edge technologies. RIT’s tradition of applied learning ensures you will have opportunities for real-world experiences in and outside the classroom.

Your Future: Unlocked

Guided by our accounting advisory board, courses reflect the latest trends and business needs. Often this manifests in courses that will educate you on the best ways to utilize technology in making the best possible business decisions. Courses and electives range from taxation, forensic accounting and fraud examination, and accounting information systems, and all draw upon the latest advancements in technology. It’s up to you to choose which direction to take your studies.

Join the Network

While at Saunders College, you have access to a team of academic and career advisors to assist you in your graduate studies. Upon graduation, you will be well prepared to employ the skills you have gained in any type of organization, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller, local businesses and non-profit organizations. Join a network of nearly 19,000 Saunders College of Business alumni and nearly 125,000 RIT alumni around the world.

Undergraduate Program Offerings

BS in Accounting

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Graduate Program Offerings

MBA in Accounting

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