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Dr. Huang holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Pennsylvania State University. He comes to Saunders College from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His areas of expertise include real-time simulation of trading strategies, discovery and assessment of financial market anomalies and behavioral finance. Similar to his market research, Dr. Huang assesses the needs of his students and focuses on the content that will make the largest impact. His unique educational model is catered to suite his students. He holds master degrees in Financial Engineering from Cornell University and in Computer Engineering from Michigan State University. He is a member of the American Finance Association and the Financial Management Association.
  • Ph.D. in NULL from Penn State University, 2008
  • Finance
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Working Paper: 
  • 2017: Huang, Z.,& Huang, J.Testing Moving Average Trading Strategies on ETFs.
  • 2016: Huang, Z.,Huang, J.,& Yu, X.Low-Price Effect: Evidence from the Chinese IPO Market.
  • 2015: Huang, Z.,& Zhou, H.Long Run Performance after Price Limit Events.
  • 2015: Huang, Z.,& Ko, J.Out-of-Sample Performance of Optimal Anomaly Portfolios.

Zhijian Huang

Assistant Professor
Finance & Accounting