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Hear from the biggest names in cybersecurity. Hosted by Saunders College, Mondays in November. The experts will share their experience and insights on how our cyber world impacts life, business, and exploring cyber careers. Registration is required to receive Zoom webinar details.

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6:00 PM

Chris Roberts
vCISO, Advisor, Researcher, Hacker, Etc.
Hillbilly Hit Squad

Hacking, Research, Transportation, Counter Intelligence, Deception, BioHacking, and anything else that looks odd, strange or interesting at 2:00 am...

Chris Hadnagy
Social-Engineer, LLC

Social Engineering, Hacking the Human, Innocent Lives Foundation, Professor of Social-Engineering at University of Arizona, NSA Designated Center of Academic Excellence for Cyber Operation

Chris Nickerson
CEO and Founder
Lares Consulting

Virtual and Physical Penetration Testing, Tiger Team

Chris Moschovitis
CEO and Chairman
Information Technology Management Group

Cybersecurity Program Development for Business, Privacy, Regulations and Cybersecurity 

7:30 PM

Caleb Barlow

Healthcare Cybersecurity, Privacy and Compliance, Immersive Cyber Ranges for Incident Response Resilience put a Security Operations Center on the back of a Semi-Truck

Aldwin Maloto​​
Information Security Officer

University Level Information Security, Enterprise Risk Management

Ben Woelk
ISO Program Manager

Gamification and Security Awareness

Marco DiPasquale
Client Director
Optiv Security

International Financial Cybersecurity

This speaker series is brought to you by management information systems (MIS) professor Rick Mislan. Professor Mislan brings the top experts in cybersecurity to his students in the popular MIS Cyber: Risk and Resilience course, providing students with a conceptual and practical overview of Cybersecurity Management.

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