Tiger House Club

Starting on the RIT/BJTU Weihai Campus, Tiger House is a society which intends to create a sustainable, harmonious and positive atmosphere. The purpose of this group effort is to empower tigers to find a sense of belonging, regardless of location or ethnicity. In this way, we can achieve a better futures, be more responsible and promote social progress to the greatest extent.


Through all students’ effort, Tiger House starts with campus of BJTU Weihai-RIT China. We aim to create a harmonious, positive, sustainable and ethical atmosphere on our partner campuses around the globe. Tiger House strives to help all tigers achieve a better future, improve the societies they are a part of and better the world we live in.


This society will influence the spirit of sustainability, creativeness, collaboration and accountability for making a better world. All activities organized by the society will focus on ethical ways to enhance the lives of members. By maximizing stakeholder interests, Tiger House will create a legacy of positive change. Our focus is on social responsibility, caring for each student and acting with integrity.  We aim to seek out knowledge which will in turn help our members to become conscientious business men and women. We intend to expand Tiger House step by step and apply it into other campus around the world.

Code of Conduct

  • Sustainability: We intend for the organizational structure and concept of Tiger house to be passed on and carried forward from Weihai campus to partner campuses around the world.
  • Honesty: Operation, process, rules and regulations, and information disclosure of Tiger House must be open and transparent to all stakeholders.
  • Privacy: Tiger House protects the privacy of all tigers and uses information securely and efficiently.
  • Objectivity: Tiger House makes objective and feasible decisions from a measured position and insists on using objective criteria.
  • Respect: Tiger House respects different cultures and human rights.
  • Creativity: Tiger House focuses on innovation; model, concept and organizational culture. innovation.  We will constantly seek and accept new ideas to maintain the overall vitality.
  • Responsibility: Tiger house takes the initiative to undertake social responsibility. All tigers take the initiative to abide by their responsibilities.
  • Efficiency: Keep efficient operations within Tiger house. All members cooperate with others to make efficient decisions.
  • Cooperation: By working together within Tiger house and seeking partners outside Tiger house we will build a stronger community.
  • Communication: Communicate actively inside Tiger house and extensively adopt experience to build a bridge for international exchange.


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