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Bridge the GAAP - Fun & Noteworthy Virtual Event Series presented by the Saunders Accounting Advisory Board (SAAB). 

A progressive series of events that will inspire students on their career journey after college, from recruiting and job seeking tips upon graduation, through the path of experience-gathering career steps that lead to success!

Session 1 - Landing a Job You Love in 3, 2, 1....
Speaker: Kara Roth - Director of Strategic Staffing at Lewis Tree Service, Inc.
Tuesday, March 16 at 4:15pm

Everyone’s dream job does not look the same: some want prestige, some want flexibility, some want the big bucks, and some want it all.  What’s the secret sauce to landing this dream job?  Learn:
• What recruiters and hiring managers are looking for
• The tools they use to find top talent
• What will make you stand out amongst the crowd. 

Session 2 - RIT Alumni Panel 
Speakers: Mark Barberio, Jeannie Khaw, and Chet Watson
Thursday, March 25 at 4:15pm

Alumni Panel:
Michelle Cohen - MBA '93
-Internal Audit Manager at Monro Muffler Brake, Inc.
-RIT Trustee
-Saunders Accounting Advisory Board Member

Jeannie Khaw - BS '94, MBA '95
-Division Chief-Administrative Expenditures and Control of the International Monetary Fund
-RIT Graduate, 1994 - Accounting & 1995 - MBA

Chet Watson - BS '74
- Former General Auditor at General Motors
- RIT Trustee
- RIT Graduate, 1974 - Accounting

Explore potential career paths with a degree from the Saunders College of Business.  Accounting, finance, marketing, management, hospitality…. Saunders College degrees teach THE LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS.  Learn:
• How each step of your career builds the path for your lifetime journey
• How 3 distinguished panel speakers used their work experiences to become experts in their field and ENJOY "work" every step of the way
• How to begin your journey!

Session 3 - The "Bach" Story and "Micro" Facts of Stardom in the Microbrew Industry
Speakers: John Urlaub - Owner of Rohrbach Brewing Company 
Wednesday, March 31 at 4:15pm

The "bach" story and "micro" facts of stardom in the microbrew industry, by John Urlaub, one of Rochester's REAL Beer experts.
• How knowledge in finance and the language of business "crafted" John's journey that led to the now 30-year successful venture in craft beer and creation of the popular Rohrbach Brewing Company
• Decisions John made and steps he took to arrive at his success that he never thought he'd do in a million years as he was completing his college degree
• Skills developed along the way to grow his business venture that apply to students soon entering the workforce.
• The importance of networking, community events, and sourcing from local companies to support small businesses.

Registration is now closed! If you have any questions, please email Associate Professor of Finance & Accounting, Ke-an Wu.