Saunders hosted its first Women’s Leadership Summit in mid-April. Planned by Molly McGowan, Ph.D., Director of the Leadership Academy at Saunders, and a team of student leaders, the summit gave select RIT students the chance to discuss unique challanges and opportunities for women in the workplace across all industries and majors.

The summit began with a keynote presentation by Suzanne Piotrowski, President & Owner of BadFish Consulting, on leadership fundamentals and the importance of self-reflection. Afterwards, six student leaders formed a panel to share their leadership experiences and best practices, and to answer questions from the audience. Attending students were then broken up into groups and dispersed into nearby classrooms; each hosting a short lecture on various leadership topics, including assertive speaking, leading teams, and motivating others. Finally, each group was given 30 minutes to complete a task: Come up with a product or service that helps people and propose it to an audience.

While these events all serve to reinforce the tenants of leadership in students, it also allows these students to network with each other. Students leave the summit with expert knowledge and guidance that they can apply directly towards their lives as leaders. Learn more about the Leadership Academy @ Saunders.