In honor of National Student Employment Week (April 12-16), Saunders marketing and communications department would like to take a moment to thank its student employees. Ed Brydalski, Nikki Lombardo, Muachi Lor, Madeline Tremblay, and Tessa Yandow help Saunders College of Business write newsletters, create social media content, design graphics, analyze analytics, edits videos, and more! Below are testimonials that additionally speak volumes for their work and dedication to Saunders.

Ed Brydalski
Communications Writer
Joined Saunders January 2021

"Finding a good writer becomes more difficult with every passing year. We are lucky to have added Ed to our team to bring the writing skills we need to deliver engaging written content in volume. His creative inputs are constantly adding value to the communication pieces we are working on. I have been excited to see him tackle our content challenges with expertise and enthusiasm, where no project has been too large or too small. His dedication as a team member, regularly attending team meetings while always bringing updates, questions, and ideas to share has been enjoyable and refreshing to experience."

Nikki Lombardo 
Marketing Assistant
Joined Saunders January 2021

"We were excited to hire Nikki as our first marketing assistant studying as a New Media Design major. She joined us with an impressive portfolio highlighted by her already established branded online presence. She has lived up to our excitement in every way. Nikki is a consistent participant in team meetings. She has spearheaded our social media content creation and scheduling during a very intensive news period for Saunders College. She is providing great content, keeping on top of content demands, and delivering flawless posts. Her contributions as a designer and video editor have allowed us to continue developing our video assets and capabilities while improving our YouTube presence and account management."

Muachi Lor
Joined Saunders February 2020

"Muachi possesses a very unique ability to process a large amount of design work, often working with minimal direction, serving a team of 5+ members, with limited hours. Starting with us just before the 2020 pandemic, he transitioned to remote work seamlessly. He seems to deliver on projects regardless of time or day of the week or while working through moves between dorms and different housing. He has been a tremendous team player, a steady presence at optional team meetings, always bringing a positive attitude and smile at all times. He is the talent behind a majority of our design work and makes us look so good every day. We are lucky to have him on our team."

Madeline Tremblay
Marketing Assistant
Joined Saunders August 2018

"Maddie has worked for us as a student worker for three years. She was a great addition to our team, providing steady leadership managing our social media accounts with great self-initiative, providing virtually error-free content during her tenure. It has been enjoyable to witness her take on work challenges while becoming a very successful leader among her student peers over these years. In addition to her social media contributions, she has delivered on many marketing projects with an affinity for data analysis and as a quick learner in developing video editing skills. We will miss her when she graduates this fall 2021 and know she will deliver the skills every employer seeks to meet the future demands their businesses will face."

Tessa Yandow
Joined Saunders February 2021

"As we slowly continue to enhance our video skills, capabilities, and assets, Tessa has brought our video efforts to another level. Right out of the gates, or maybe even slightly before, she hit the ground running, covering an on- and off-site, student-run event that would find her video work on two local news channels. And that was before she completed her first week. I continue to be impressed with her ability to tackle new video projects without hesitation. She has proactively captured new video shoots and quickly turns around post-production edits. She possesses the skills employers will increasingly need as businesses become more reliant on video and multimedia. Although she has only been with us for a short period, she has already made a big impression."