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From the first day of class, Saunders' business students are encouraged to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship through the Freshman Experience: Biz 1+2. This set of fundamental business courses allows students to work hands-on and collaborate in teams to develop a complete business plan with dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art facilities to simulate an industry experience. At the end of the fall semester, team business plans are presented to a panel of alumni and industry professionals for their critique and advice. Students continue to develop their plans in the spring semester and present them once again where two winners are determined.

Michael Crowley, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of ATVentureCenter Advanced Technology Accelerator & Labs, Sanatela AT Medical Solutions, Inc. and Sanatela Life Sciences, Inc. was a judge for Biz 1+2. He notes that “Very few freshmen at any school get this kind of experience or are allowed to be totally creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. I enjoy seeing how excited students are to give their ideas life. These students are alive. Not just walking the halls on autopilot in between classes. They are having fun learning as a team.”

Saunders would like to recognize the achievements of the 2020 Business Plan Competition Winners, StylleUP, and Toasty Toes! StylleUP team members include Nishad Pasricha, Leah Norton, Nicholas Molinari, and Hannah Springer. Toasty Toe’s members include Mitch Hitchcock, Mike Penna, and Elizabeth Ferrari.

Previous winners are listed in the document below and available on the Biz 1+2 website.

All incoming Saunders students, including transfer students, are winners. They use this powerful program to develop relationships with business students from day-one and catapult their business learning while ensuring they pursue a business major they are passionate about.