Saunders Interim Department Chair and Professor of Economics, Steven Gold, Ph.D., has authored several journals, articles, books and chapters regarding business and economic simulations for classroom use. A self-published game, titled Beat the Market, is an interactive microeconomics simulation that received the highest possible peer-reviewed rating from Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT). The simulation is used across the country in high schools and colleges to provide students with hands-on learning experience.

Professor Gold notes that his simulations give students “a much better understanding of microeconomic concepts when they apply what they have learned through reading and lecture by managing a firm to maximize profits in a ‘real-life’ competitive business environment.” This provides students with an excellent opportunity in the classroom to develop critical thinking skills.”

Senior Lecturer in Economics at Indiana University Southeast, David Baird, praised Beat the Market as he has been using it in the classroom for almost 10 years! Baird said that students using the simulation “had learned economics in a fun and experiential way. They have learned how to apply economic concepts like price elasticity of demand, and they have had fun because they like to compete.”

Baird adds to this in his review, claiming, “When I get my student evaluations back every semester, I ask them what the top three things they enjoyed about the class were, and about 95% of the students will list Beat the Market.”

Saunders College of Business seamlessly incorporates technology into the business curriculum, with opportunities to work with professors like Gold who are active in their field and can provide relevant insight into the latest industry standards. Explore Saunders faculty research to see what our professors are learning about and teaching their students.

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