The growth of the tourism industry is at a record high in New York State! Tourism is New York State's 3rd largest employer. If you want to join one of the fastest growing industries in New York, Saunders College of Business offers extraordinary Hospitality and Tourism Management Degrees. Our undergraduate and graduate hospitality and tourism degrees provide an in-depth understanding of the industry and prepares students to enter nearly any segment of the industry, including lodging, hotels, restaurants, casinos, cruise line operations, resorts and spas, event management, or airline catering.

Consider a Saunders Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree: 

New York had a record-high 252.7 million visitors in 2018, which generated an economic impact of $144.8 billion, this is the fifth straight year in a row that New York has brought in over a $100 billion from tourism. The I LOVE NY program has made over $325 million in investment in tourism. Learn more about the tourism industry and New York here.