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Anne Taylor, third-year International Business major, spent part of her summer abroad in Italy before her internship began. The program Anne traveled through allowed her the unique opportunity to spend three weeks traveling Italy (37 cities!) and then three weeks living in Florence studying fashion—her industry of interest after graduation. 

                Anne Taylor Abroad in Italy   

Anne shared, "Through the traveling course, I took many trains, buses, boats, ferries, and made more friends and connections than I ever could have imagined. One week before leaving for Italy, I was still highly considering not going. A lot had happened the months leading up and I was still unsure if I would be able to handle being in a different country by myself for such a long time...what now seems like the shortest six weeks of my life." Anne maintains a lifestyle blog, The Everyday Anne, and shared a review of her time abroad as well as her top five favorite cities. To read more about Anne's experience, visit her Italy Review!

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