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Paige Dobrzynski, fourth-year Supply Chain Management student, spent a semester abroad in Nice, France.

"I have always known that I wanted to study abroad. I love traveling because I am able to meet new people and experience different cultures. I was presented with the opportunity to study abroad my Fall semester of 2018 and I jumped at it."

"I decided to study in Nice, France because of the business school I was going to attend but I also went to France because I wanted to improve my French. I have been studying French for a while and thought it would be a great way to continue to improve. Living next to the Mediterranean Sea for four months was an added bonus! Studying abroad allowed me to fully immerse myself in a new culture. I was living right in the city which allowed me to walk pretty much everywhere which I really enjoyed. I was also within walking distance of some of the best patisseries in Nice. My favorite pastry is a pain au chocolat. Besides the pastries, I loved being able to walk to a local farmers market every week to get my fruits and vegetables. It was a great way to interact with the locals."

"My favorite parts about studying abroad were the friends I made and the places I was able to travel to. The business school I attended was international so I met people from all around the world. I was able to learn about a multitude of different culture’s just by spending time with my friends and learning more about them. I was also very fortunate to be able to travel quite a bit while I was abroad. I traveled all around the southern part of France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, England and Hungary. I was able to travel to many places that I had never experienced before. It definitely was a unique cultural experience. I am very grateful for the opportunities I had and the friends I made along the way."


Interested in the plethora of study abroad opportunities RIT has to offer? Visit the RIT Global site to learn more or reach out to Clarissa Baston, our Assistant Director of Student Services and Global Education in Saunders.