Check out our RIT Croatia Grad Kristina Mandac, featured in CroatiaWeek!

RIT Croatia Alumna Kristina Mandac was recently featured on, giving advice about studying at an American university while living in Croatia and why she recommends it. Read more about her experience in the full article, "Studying In Croatia Has Impacted My Professional Journey."

"We caught up with 3 alumni from RIT Croatia that are a part of the Croatian diaspora community to learn about their experience of living in Croatia and studying at an American college... Croatian roots, an RIT Croatia degree and a bright and successful professional journey ahead of them is exactly what these three alumni have in common. They all came to Croatia to pursue their studies and made the best out of their four years as an RIT Tiger. Being raised in a Croatian cultural atmosphere, whether it be attending Croatian school on Sundays or being a part of a folklore group, these are just a few things that resemble their strong passion for the Croatian culture."

"Kristina was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and lived in the U.S. until 2001, when her family made the decision to move back to where their roots are from, Croatia. She pursued her undergraduate degree in hospitality at RIT Croatia in Dubrovnik and moved to Chicago, USA when she was 24."

Read more about Kristina, her time at RIT Croatia, and why recommends studying in Croatia in the full article, "Studying in Croatia Has Impacted My Professional Journey" on