Check out RIT Croatia alumna Andriana Vidaković in the news...

RIT Croatia Alumna Andriana Vidaković was recently featured on, talking about having "the best of both worlds, growing up in the US but spending her teenage years in Croatia" and why she recommends it. Read more about her experience in the full article, "Studying In Croatia Has Impacted My Professional Journey."

"She decided to attend RIT Croatia in Dubrovnik to work hard towards receiving an American diploma and to make sure that wherever life may lead her, she has the adequate experience and education to succeed, whether it be in Croatia or abroad. Andriana has created a successful professional career at Gulliver Travel as an Account Manager for Hotelbeds. The greatest reward for Andriana in the hospitality industry is that she enjoys working with people and showing them what all the beautiful things that Croatia has to offer."

Read more about Andriana, her decision to study at RIT Croatia, and her advice for current students and recent graduates in the full article: "Studying in Croatia Has Impacted My Professional Journey."