By Rob Vlosky

Repurposed from the Grand Forks...and Knives blog.

Its been a while since my last posts, but in two weeks I am heading to China for two months of teaching Business Communications for Rochester Institute of Technology.  We have a campus in the town of Nanhai which is south of the city of Weihai in Shandong province, on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

This is an eight week teaching gig for about 100 Chinese students who are enrolled in the College of Business’ MIS major.  Instruction is in English, which is good because I know two words in Mandarin: hello and thank you.  I’ve downloaded a number of translation and social media apps, including WeChat, iTranslate, Google Translate, etc. so I think I’ll be able to get around reasonably well.

Here is the Google maps link to the campus: RIT Campus in Weihai China.  You can zoom out and see that we are located on a peninsula that juts into the water and faces east towards Korea.  The area is a planned city that the Chinese government built with the hope that “if they build it, people will come” and this is apparently starting to happen – I’ll find out for sure and let you know after I get there.

Here are a couple of screen grabs; one showing eastern China (Beijing is in the upper left) including Shandong Province and the Weihai Peninsula, including the Korean Peninsula to the right.  The bottom shot is a closer look at Weihai City on the top right and Nanhai Gang on the south coast where I’ll be living and working.

China & Korea Map

Weihai Peninsula

Ok, there is much more to follow – mainly about food and stuff, but there will be a lot to tell you about.

Speaking of food, here is one of the first places I want to go and check out – There is NOTHING like a satisfying meal of grizzled sheep and dog!  Seriously – I’ll try to go and see what they have on the bill of fare.

China Restaurants