Photo 1: We were getting ready to visit Kinh Do Group manufacturing plant. 

By: Min Shi (On-Campus Executive MBA program)

To start day three we visited Kinh Do Bakery’s production facility.  During Kinh Do Group’s visit, it was impressive to see millions of crackers were being produced from the raw materials into finish products in the assembly line through automation. The marketing group had done an amazing job to promote their products. In the afternoon we met with the leader of Esquel Garment manufacturing. Esquel was the manufacturer for many clothing brands that we were familiar with such as Nike, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Apple and others. Seeing how the shirt was made from the beginning to ending was very interesting. Esquel was vertically integrated in order to control quality. The state of the art manufacturing equipment and process would allow Esquel to produce a piece of cloth within 2 hours.In between the plants tour, we had stopped by the Song Be Golf Resort for lunch. The foods were amazing, and the view was also amazing. I had shrimps and octopus for lunch. I love seafood. An interesting observation in the golf course was that we would see young workers (typically women) in the golf course holding the umbrellas for their clients. And these girls had to carry the golf clubs around the golf course for these people.

Photo 2:

Photo 3:  

After coming backing from both plant tours, we had to return to the city center to catch our 6pm acrobat show that we were running on the tight schedule. We had just made it in time for this amazing show in the opera house. I could sense the cultural messages that were delivered from the show. The artists had really talented acrobat skills throughout the show. The show was absolutely amazing and I highly recommended it to anyone who could afford it. After the show, we had took a taxi to attend a social networking event hosted by the RMIT. The taxi fare was inexpensive, total cost was 27,000 dong (about $1.25 USD) for 4 people for about 10 minutes car ride. The social networking event was fun. I met a few talented young people who had graduated from RMIT in the recent years. During earlier days, some presenters had mentioned that Vietnam had a very young workforce. There was absolutely no doubt with that. I had seen a lot of young managers or managers in training from the manufacturing plants visit and the networking event.

Photo 4: The acrobat show crew

acrobat show