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Note: Our Executive MBA classes (online and on-campus) are in Vietnam from October 18th-25th for their international trip and will be blogging periodically.

By: Min Shi (On-Campus Executive MBA program)After the visit, our tourist guide took us to a restaurant in Mekong Delta for lunch. I would have to admit that the foods were fantastic and we were very well fed. The sticky rice was by far my favorite. The last evening in Ho Chi Minh City, we visited the Pho 2000 restaurant for the last chance of noodles soup. We really enjoyed the foods there for pretty cheap prices. We wanted to go to Chill bar for the last night of getting together, unfortunately, we were not dressed appropriately for the venue and we were not allowed to get in unless we went back to the hotel to get changed first.  Instead, we went back to our hotel’s roof top bar to hang out for the last night in Ho Chi Minh City.

Photo 1: Sticky rice, the ball was actually shallow inside with the rice on the bottom. 

Jim and Mike had visited the Củ Chi tunnels, and Cao Dai Temple. They had shared some amazing pictures. The takeaways from them: the tunnels would be a great place to visit for smaller people who could also stand the humidity, and the temple was very beautiful.

Photo 2: Củ Chi tunnels 

 Photo 3: Cao Dai Temple 

Ending remark:

Ho Chi Minh City (the city landmark and the city size) has reminded me of Wenzhou City in China, except for the excessive motorbikes. The countryside of Southern Vietnam is just like the southern China countryside and the Indian countryside (per Yogita and Mihir) besides the language differences in the storefronts.  The city is more advanced than I had anticipated before going on the trip. The toilets were much cleaner than I had imagined. Many locals thought I was Vietnamese, and started talking to me in Vietnamese or in hoping that I could translate for my friends. I felt safe most of the time while cruising around the city, especially after pretending to be a Korean out of concern that the locals might be politically hostile toward Chinese...

The entire Ho Chi Minh City trip was amazing and very productive. We (the on-campus group) were worried about the ‘chemistry’ with the on-line group that we had not really met and had to spend a week together.  Anyway, both groups were able to blend in like we had known each other forever. The entire team was cohesive and we had a great time together to explore the city and to enjoy the nightly entertainment. We are looking forward to seeing the online group again at Commencement in May…

The company/speakers presentations were very informative to help us understanding Vietnam and doing business in Vietnam. There are tremendous opportunities in Vietnam for expatriates as well as local talents since Vietnam is in high growth mode. I would very likely consider a move there to start a career if I could speak the language, and if I was single with no kids. The report regarding the young workforce in Vietnam in some of our case studies is absolutely true. The city is filled with ambitious young people, who are eager to start a company or to work as executives; I was impressed by the workforce youth and its intelligence. I wish we could have more cultural events set up for the trip.  The best part of the trip is everything, and the amazing group we became…


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