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Note: Our Executive MBA classes (online and on-campus) are in Vietnam from October 18th-25th for their international trip and will be blogging periodically.

The Mekong Delta Trip – highly recommended

Mekong Delta 

By: Min Shi (On-Campus Executive MBA program)

Today some of us spent time exploring the countryside of Vietnam through a spectacular bus and boat tour of the Mekong Delta. It was a very different experience from the bustling city life of Ho Chi Minh City.We had seen many cemeteries in the family household farmlands during the 1.5 hours of bus ride from the Ho Chi Minh City to the Mekong Delta. As we learnt from our amazing tourist guide Chou, that as a tradition, Vietnamese countryside people bury dead people in their home farm as a symbol to keep lands within their family; and the younger sons were responsible for the annual death anniversary for their ancestors.We had a great time in the Mekong Delta. We tasted amazing tea with honey, cumquat and pollen; in the end most of us brought a bunch of honey and royal jelly to take home as souvenirs. A local brought out his pet python to entertain the crew.  Jeff and Mihir showed immediate connection with the python. It was the first time I had a snake wrap around my neck, I was very nervous, the only reason I did it was to take a picture of me with the snake for my son who had a passion for snakes and lizards.

Photo 2: A local brought out his pet python 

The local Mekong Delta people had sang songs about their voluptuousness to us. When we were walking around the village in the Mekong Delta, we saw dogs, fishing boats, and plenty of fruit.  We had also seen some fighting roosters. Among the best, the amazing fruit trees were my favorite. All the fantastic fruit trees making me want to stay and live happily ever after. There were JackFruit, Pomelo, Dourian, Coconut, Papaya, and many others. Unfortunately we had to go back home soon.

Photo 3: Fruit trees 

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