Our intrepid group arrived in sunny Dubrovnik Croatia on Friday May 30th for the second installment of Footsteps Through the Adriatic, a multidisciplinary program sponsored by RIT Study Abroad.  This unique program consists of two separate courses: Sustainable Small Business taught by Rob Vlosky, Adjunct Professor in the Saunders College of Business, and Environmental Science taught by Dr. Stasa Puskaric, Professor of Science at RIT Croatia. 

RIT in Croatia 2014






The students will take advantage of the RIT facilities in Dubrovnik for a week of classes and touring around this historic city, and then the group will embark on a two week tour of the beautiful Croatian seacoast.  With classes being conducted along the way, students will visit historic sites such as the city of Split and the excavated Roman Temple site at Narona, and participate in culturally enriching activities including am environmental tour of one of Croatia's largest unspoiled marshes, treks through National Parks, and finally ending up in the capital city of Zagreb. Our fourteen students represent a diverse group of colleges at RIT, including engineering, industrial design, photography, liberal arts, bio-medical engineering, physicians assistant and, of course, The Saunders College of Business.  We are so fortunate to have a great group of participants to share this unique and enriching experience.