This was the first day this week that we all actually got to sleep in. In fact, some of us managed to sleep all the way until 8am! I haven’t felt so rested in a long time.

We got a little more rest last night because today we only had one company visit planned. The target for today was a digital marketing company called Digital Jungle. While we were there, we got the chance to speak to Jarad Usher, the International Business Director for the business. They provide services for businesses that either want to enter the Chinese market for the first time, or reposition themselves as a brand, so they deal a lot with Western brands that are looking to expand their market opportunities. To do this, they work on design, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and analytics.

This business was my personal favorite so far, mainly because their work relates so closely to my major (new media marketing). Mr. Usher even gave me a book at the end of the seminar on social media business applications in China. Can’t wait to read it!

Since we were done for the day afterwards, all of us headed to the Silk Market mall down the street to get in some lunch and last-chance shopping. Now, the important thing to note about shopping in China is that in most places, you have to bargain and haggle. It’s basically required, unless you feel like getting ripped off. Usually, what I’ve found is that whatever price the vender initially tells you can be as high as 90% above the actual cost of the product!

The owners don’t make it easy, though, so you really have to be tough about bargaining- keep saying no, push low, and walk away when you really need to (they will call you back with a lower price!). We all bought tons of neat stuff for ourselves and friends and family back home, and we were only able to do it by really cracking down on the prices!

But as fun as bargaining is, it can get overwhelming and stressful! I know I was worn out by the end, both mentally and physically! Still, got some great goodies that I can’t wait to bring home!

Tomorrow is our second to last academic day in Beijing, and our last day to wear business attire- which is probably a good thing, considering how some of us have had to wear the same suits over and over by now!


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