Hello from Beijing! First the weather: 73 degrees, no clouds, and very little smog! We were stunned by the beauty of the day: As Paul Harvey would say, and now the rest of the story! Traffic is terrible… roads are very clean, saw very few motorbikes and bicycles in the road, that was the first big change I noticed from years past. It was a great Saturday at the Forbidden City, and very clean with only about 3 million visitors and the Disney lines are nothing compared to the lines here. One line was over 2 miles to see certain parts of the Forbidden City. Many of the students had people come up to them and ask to take a picture with them. Great fun for them! Nobody asked me. Years past, I could not go 10 yards without being stopped for a picture. Just getting to old, I guess! Off to the Great Wall on Sunday!

-Tom Traub