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Just Keep Bargaining

This was the first day this week that we all actually got to sleep in. In fact, some of us managed to sleep all the way until 8am! I haven’t felt so rested in a long time.

Business Talks and Near-Death Experiences

Today we finally got around to the main reason behind this amazing trip- learning about doing business in China!

We set out early this morning to meet with the first speaker of the day, Gilbert Von Kerchkove. On our drive downtown to the office, we had our first encounter with heavy Beijing smog. The hazy was so thick that sometimes you could barely see the tops of buildings, and breathing it in was so foul that many of us had to put on our face masks for the first time.

The Great Wall - World Wonder and Trippy Steps

Today was probably one of the biggest things my group was looking forward to this entire trip- getting to see one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall!

But none of us realized just how long a trek it would be to reach it!

Red Carpet Treatment at Tiananmen and the Forbidden City

This is it- after a 14 hour flight from Chicago, we are in Beijing!  It was a long and tiring trip, but that’s all behind us now, and we were just excited to get going!

Rambling Along the Adriatic

Well, there definitely is something nice to be said about making footsteps along the Adriatic Sea.  Since Split, where we saw the Palace of Diocletian and hung around this cosmopolitan city for a couple of days, sipping cappuccinos on the promenade or sampling some of the locale fare, we have moved on for wilder and more primitive attractions.

Just a bit more on Split; for our “free day” on Monday the 17th, I walked for seven hours around Marjan Peninsula – – here is the map: 

Bound For the Adriatic Coast

This week I am leaving Rochester and traveling to Croatia where I will be teaching a business course for the Rochester Institute of Technology Study Abroad program. The course is Sustainable Small Business which is a hybrid of entrepreneurship, marketing, commercialization, and sustainability.