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Weather's Beautiful, Wish You Were Here...

Spending this past week in Silicon Valley has been a very eye-opening experience. We had the opportunity to get a glimpse at a wide myriad of companies, from startups with a technology oriented culture, to global consultancy firms whose culture overflowed with signs of artistic innovation and design thinking.People in the valley don't settle for adequacy. These entrepreneurial-minded individuals are constantly attempting to improve their own lives through life hacks and inventions, while subsequently improving the lives of many others around them.


On Monday we had the opportunity of meeting with Steve Capps, an RIT alumni who has a startup in the Bay Area known as PayNearMe. Capps moved straight from RIT to Xerox, then worked for Apple, and after spending some time in Paris, was coaxed by Apple to return to his former position. Capps shared with us his wide gamut of experiences and also gave us some very wise words of advice regarding career paths. He gave us a look into his life, highlighting the spontaneity of his career path, and he emphasized that having a game plan is not a necessity for success.

AT&T Park

AT&T Park