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Studiranje u Hrvatskoj - Studying Abroad in Croatia

Take a perfect coastal town and put it between the sea and a mountain. Now add steps. Lots of them, and there you have Dubrovnik. At first the people can seem kind of off-putting, especially if you arrive at the end of tourist season just because it is the end of the season and everyone wants all these strangers to leave and not come back for a while. Being here In Dubrovnik from September to December allows one to see the change of the city itself from a popular tourist destination to an empty town with only the locals to keep you company.

Footsteps Through the Adriatic: Summer 2015

Saunders College of Business students embarked on yet another study abroad trip this summer to Croatia and Dubrovnik! Earning six credits in just four weeks,students explored the Adriatic cities while learning about ecotourism, sustainability, small business enterprises and more, all at the local level. Happy travels!

Footsteps Group

Island Hopping and Small Business Exploration in Dubrovnik

Dobro Dan (Good Day) from Dubrovnik and “Footsteps Through the Adriatic” summer program. It has been a busy week for our group of students as they discover more about Croatia and continue to gain more insight and knowledge about sustainable business practices, environmental science, local culture and, most importantly, about themselves!

Footstepping Through the Adriatic

Our intrepid group arrived in sunny Dubrovnik Croatia on Friday May 30th for the second installment of Footsteps Through the Adriatic, a multidisciplinary program sponsored by RIT Study Abroad.  This unique program consists of two separate courses: Sustainable Small Business taught by Rob Vlosky, Adjunct Professor in the Saunders College of Business, and Environmental Science taught by Dr. Stasa Puskaric, Professor of Science at RIT Croatia.